Monday, May 26, 2008

Vintage All Sterling Heirloom Rock Crystal Rosary with Medals

This spectacular rosary is all sterling silver assembly with an Arco hallmarked crucifix in a popular design and an original centermedal. The quartz rock crystal beads are pear shaped and the paters are capped with sterling filigree.

Memorial to St. Paul and St. Peter with special devotion to the Immaculate Conception on the opposite side.
Amazing art deco enamel silver Scapular medal with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary with Scapulars on the other.
Ornate St. Benedict's Exorcism Medal with scalloped edge

Large (1 inch from the bail) Scapular medal with a lovely Mary profile on one side and a very ornate and detailed image of Jesus on the other.

Ornate Large Brass Infant of Prague Medal

This large solid brass (1" without the bail) medal has the Infant of Prague on one side and Marian Monogram on the other.

Lot of Four European Rosaries

These are the typical souvenir rosaries found in in Europe (France and Italy) around the 1950s. The crucifix and centermedal sets are copies of popular styles seen in more expensive sterling silver rosaries.

2 of them still have their original tags on them.

Average hanging length: 17 inches

Average crucifix: 2 inches

Friday, August 03, 2007

Antique Olive Nut Rosary with Inlaid Crucifix and Medals

Circa 1900s rosary made from the pits of olives with carved wood paters. The crucifix is made from inlaid ebony with a very ornate corpus. The center is a scapular medal.

Attached medals:
  • Oval miraculous medal
  • Oval Scapular medal
  • Round Papal medal of Pius XII
  • St. Joseph Medal
  • Additional cross attached at the drop

Hanging Length: 19.5 inches
Crucifix Length: 1.5 inches at the bail

Exquisite All Sterling & Crystal Heirloom Rosary

Fabulous large heavy rosary with faceted pyramid rock crystal beads from Catamore. This rosary has an all sterling assembly, including all attached medals. The crucifix is marked "catamore" and sterling. The Scapular center medal has a "Triple C" hallmark and a sterling stamp. The paters are separated by lovely detailed extenders.

Attached medals:
  • Large round French medal: "Mary Queen of Heaven". Translation: "O Mary, My Mother, My Sovereign, you are the very power and the very beauty".
  • 800 silver hallmark blue enameled Lourdes medal.

  • Hanging Length: 24 inches
  • Crucifix Length: 2 inches

Canadian Ebony and Brass Inlaid Rosary with Unusual Aluminum Medals

Though this ebony and brass rosary is beautiful on it's own, what makes it special are the many unusual aluminum medals attached at each decade.


  • Elaborate Infant of Prague with Our Lady of Montigue on the back.
  • Miraculous medal P.P.N. ("Pray for us")*
  • St. Jean Batiste – patron of French Canadians. On the back is St. John – universal patron.
  • An ornate Scapular medal with the Holy Family
  • "The Saints of Canadians Matyrs" medal with the Sacred Monogram IHS surrounded by the crown of thorns.
  • A large St. Joseph P.P.N. ("Pray for us")medal from the Oratoire Saint-Joseph Du Mont Royale in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Hanging Length: 19 inches
  • Largest Medal: 2.5 inches

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Vintage Pale Blue Glass Rosary with Matched Lourdes Medals

Lovely vintage glass rosary from the 1940s with hand blown glass beads. Each bead contains a cross, etched on all four sides within the glass. The paters are each capped and the assembly is all brass.

The centermedal is a cruciform medal depicting both the Miraculous medal and a Scapular medal. What really makes this rosary special are the four matched pale blue enamel Lourdes medals. An additional Notre Dame Lourdes Monogram medal hangs from the drop.

This rosary must have once been treasured by a devotee of Lourdes.

  • Hanging Length: 23 inches
  • Crucifix: 2 inches

Incredible Vintage Enamel Art Glass Rosary with Artist Tag

This wonderful heavy Flemish Bohemian art glass rosary with 2 tone enameled inlaid crucifix and center is a rare one of kind with the tag signed by Angelroth in Kortenberg Belgium.

Attached Medals
  • A large Scapular medal with "Je suis par le Pére" ("I live by the Father") and "Mon Ame glorifie le Seigneur" ("My hear glorifies the Lord") with "Jaweh" in Hebrew and IHS. It is silvered brass.
  • Blessed Anne-Marie Rivier: Foundress of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. Unique Medal signed by artist.
  • A signed Our Lady of Fatima medal
  • Two matched St. Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1700) medals. She is the Foundress of the Congregation of Notre Dame and the Patron against poverty; loss of parents; people rejected by religious orders

Hanging Length: 20.5 inches
Crucifix: 1.5 inches

800 Silver Rosary with Bohemian Glass Beads

Classic art deco French rosary circa 1930's made from 800 silver assembly is marked and signed by the artist. The beads are white and pearlized in two-tone bohemian glass. The attached medal is a silver scapular medal in blue enamel.

Antique French Bohemian Glass Rosary with Ornamented Signed Crucifix

Multifaceted beads made of sparkling amber colored glass with a shimmering overglaze give the beads incredible depth and character found only in classic bohemian glass. Adding to this rosary's charm and beauty is the detailed crucifix and many attached medals. Both the crucifix and the Scapular center medal are signed by the artist and marked "France".

Attached Medals:

"Madonnina Proteggimi" – "Mary Protect Us"
Saint Mutien-Marie Wiaux ("Frere Mutien-Marie Malonne") – a Belgian Saint.
A very tiny and ornate light blue enamel scapular: Mary Queen of Heaven and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
A tiny Round Miraculous medal
A gold tone St. Bernard de Menthon – Patron de la Montagne (a beloved Flemish Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Round Scapular with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Notre Dame de Bonsecours P.P.N.
Openwork scapular medal
A brass Sacred Heart medal
Brass 4 way medal marked Italy
Openwork Mary Queen of Night scapular medal marked Italy

Hanging Length: 21,5 inches
Largest Medal: 1.5 inches

Ebony Servite Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary with Carved Paters

This devotion to the Our Sorrowful Mother was originated in the Thirteenth century. It recalls the Sorrows the Virgin Mother of God endured in compassion for the suffering and death of her Divine Son.

HISTORY: The Servite Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows is a devotion that recalls seven sorrowful episodes in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The practice originated with the Servite Order (Servants of Mary), probably soon after the Order was founded in Monte Senario, Italy, in 1233.

The traditional symbol of the Seven Sorrows is the Sorrowful Heart of Mary, that is, a heart pierced with seven swords and topped with a flame representing her love for God and for all humanity. The swords refer to the Prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2: 33-35). See the First Sorrow.

PRAYERS: The worshiper prays one "Our Father" and seven "Hail Marys" for each of the Seven Sorrows. The final prayers are: three more "Hail Marys", to honor the tears of the Sorrowful Virgin; one "Our Father", one "Hail Mary", and one "Glory Be" for the intentions of the Pope; an invocation to the Sorrowful Virgin (optional) and a concluding offertory (optional).

BEADS: Like the Holy Rosary, the Seven Sorrows is a "bead-prayer." Servite beads are designed to keep count of the prayers. They are not required to perform the devotion, however. There are 49 beads in the circlet, organized into seven sets of seven beads. Each set is preceded by a medal depicting one of the Seven Sorrows. The beads in the circlet are used to pray the "Hail Mary." The medals in the circlet are used for the "Our Father." The medal for the First Sorrow (The Prophecy of Simeon) closes the circlet. It connects to a pendant string of four more beads, ending with a larger medal depicting the Virgin of Sorrows. The beads in the pendant string represent the final prayers.

To pray the Seven Sorrows using beads: Start with the medal for the First Sorrow (the one that connects the circlet). Follow the beads and medals until you return to the First Sorrow medal. Then skip to the end of the pendant string. Pray one "Hail Mary" on each of the first three beads in the string. Use the last bead, the one closest to the First Sorrow medal, to pray the rest of the final prayers.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Glorious All Sterling Silver Vintage Jet Rosary

Wonderful engraved Sterling Silver crucifix with a Triple C hallmark and sterling stamp. The centermedal which depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary and three roses has a matching hallmark and stamp. The entire assembly is sterling with rarely seen cathedral cut jet beads.


Sterling Hallmarked two color enamel Lourdes medal
Sterling Hallmarked St. Joseph medal
Round 800 silver Lourdes medal

Hanging Length: 22 inches
Crucifix Length: 2 inches

Sunday, July 29, 2007

2nd Class Relic of Blessed St. Julia Billiart (martyr)

The threads and wax are intact on this small reliquary of St. Julie Billiart, a Flemish saint: martyr and Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

She is the patron against poverty and sickness.

Her feast day is April 8th.

¾ inches at the bail.

Early 19th Century French Art Nouveau Gold Tone Rosary with Bohemian Glass Beads

These gold tone assembly rosaries are found only in Europe and the technique for their construction is a form of gold plating used in France at the end of the 19th century known as "FIX" where the gold is plated so thick that it tests as solid gold. This entire rosary tests as 14K gold for me. This gives the rosary an approximate age of 70 to 90 years old.

The construction technique for the beads as well, the bi-colored glass, specifically designed to look like agate is also a French creation and these lovely Bohemian glass beads look wonderful with the art nouveau crucifix, center, and attached medals.

These dainty rosaries from Europe are tiny treasures meant to be carried.

Attached Medals:

Matched set of 3 orange enamel gold plated scapular medals. Stamped FIX at the bail.
A tiny gold plated Scapular – signed by the artist on the bail and stamped FIX.
A gold plated St. Therese of Liseaux medal with the Latin inscription "Rosarium Imbrem E Coelo Effundam" ("I will let fall from Heaven a shower of roses") – Signed by the artist and stamped FIX on the bail

Hanging Length: 17.5 inches

Crucifix: 1.25 inches at the bail

Friday, July 20, 2007

Ebony and Brass Rosary with Trefoil Crucifix & Monogram Center

Amazing Ebony Rosary with a heavy brass trefoil crucifix and a lovely French monogram centermedal. Alone this rosary is quite wonderful, but the medals make it extraordinary.

Openwork 2 color enamel brass Lourdes medal
Shamrock shaped St. Terese of Liseux medal
Hammered Brass Miraculous medal
Square brass scapular medal
St. Ignatious of Loyola medal with dedication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Hanging Length: 19.5 inches

Crucifix Length: 1 ¾ inches

Stunning Sterling Silver Gloria Heirloom Rosary

All sterling silver assembly with pear shaped cut rock crystal. Each bead is capped with a matching pair of fluted sterling silver caps. Beautiful engraved extenders separate the paters.

Both the crucifix and the center bear the Gloria hallmark and sterling stamp. The wonderful open work crucifix is also a devotion to the Sacred Heart and the center is a Scapular Medal.

Attached Medals:

800 Silver 2 color blue enamel medal with devotion to the Lisieux Basilica in Normandy
Amazing ornate silver and enamel Lourdes medal with hallmarks on the bail.
N.D. des Lumiers Prez. Pour Nous (Our Lady of Light Pray for Us) Scapular Medal
N.D. de Deliverence de Souvret P.P.N (Our Lady of Sovereign Deliverance Pray for Us) with "Exaucez nous protegez nos Enfants" (Grant our children protection) on the back.
Leather case embossed with the image of the Blessed Virgin.

Hanging Length: 24 inches

Crucifix Length: 2 inches

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This rosary is really special. Each of the integrated gold tone medals depicts a different aspect of either the life of Jesus or Mary in sharp detail. The beads are round 6mm pale moonstone. The Marian centermedal is signed, but the real beauty of this rosary lies in the ornate crucifix with is etched on both the front and back.

In addition to the integrated medals, there is a large gold tone Our Lady of Lourdes medal attached. The gold tone St. Therese of Liseux medal is stamped "FIX" on the bail. This was a common process for gold plating during the 1940's for Art Nouveau Jewelry in France. The piece is not gold, but the plating is so thick, it will test as gold with jeweler's acid. It tested positive for 14K gold for me. It is a beautiful and intricate two sided medal. Gold tone, two color enamel Mary Queen of Heaven Medal attached at the drop.

Hanging Length: 18 inches

Crucifix Length: 1.5 inches